Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relaxing, Guilt-free

My big orange boy, Mango.

When I first started this blog, I intended it solely for the purpose of furthering my jewelry and bead passion. Now that time has passed, business is business, and I am busy with a multitude of pursuits, to the point that I don't have the time I thought I would to post regularly. I lead a very bohemian life, quite different than that of most women my age. Sometimes I have time, sometimes not. I'm making jewelry several days out of the week, I'm just not finding it easy to take time away from my household, my husband, our pets, our business and enjoyment of life (which is far too short) in general, to diligently document my progress in jewelry making.

So I've decided instead of feeling guilty, instead of feeling a slave to the blog, this weekend I'm just going to enjoy life. Today was such a day. Yesterday I spent all day (since it was awful outside anyway) to devote myself to cleaning and doing piles of laundry. This I did not only because of the pure necessity, but because I work, think and feel better in a clean environment and this place was getting out of hand. It also left me free to enjoy today unencumbered by a big mess from which there is no room available to escape. Today we intended to go to a big auction in our neighborhood- an historic home with loads of antiques. But, instead of buzzing crowds, we instead found a sign announcing the auction postponed until next Saturday. Oh well. Til next week... Then we drove and got coffee since we skipped breakfast for an early start. Then we went to some yard sales, where I scored some great vintage crochet manuals that I will list on Ebay shortly, went to WalMart for a few items (small pumpkins there were five bucks, folks. forget it!), then drove home, where I proceeded to work on some memory necklaces, then relaxed on the futon with Mango, watching tv and chatting with my husband. I watched two old episodes of Sex & the City, then some foreign movie I forget the title... And hey, Paul Newman passed away. What a shame.

We walked Lucy about two miles or so, then came home and watched recaps of the debate (Go Obama!), fixed dinner, then wound yarn into skeins for a new project.

This was the kind of relaxing day I have maybe once every couple of months, so no guilt at all!

Time for bed. Happy weekend!


Libby said...

Hi Jennifer - I've been reading your blog for awhile now, met you through Lorelei, and just wanted to tell you about the AHA! moment I just had.
I've seen your word charms - by letting go it all gets done - but didn't really get the meaning. How can anything get done if you let go of it?
But recently, at the ripe old age of 57, I discovered that I tend to try to make things as correct as possible before I finish them. Every detail of a resume, every word of an email, only to get so frustrated that it ends up taking months to finish the dumb resume, etc.
The AHA is this: if I basically just say F it, it's good enough, I don't care, and go ahead and DO whatever, IT WORKS OUT! I call it my 'embracing mediocrity' philosophy. But when I make the standards so ridiculously high, 'mediocrity' turns out to be actually pretty good.
So, by letting go (of the need for every single thing to be absolutely perfect), it all does indeed get done.
I get it!
And what a relief it is.
Have a nice guilt-free rest, and thank you for your wonderful blog and beautiful work.

LLYYNN said...

You've been tagged - to play along go check out the blog.