Thursday, May 19, 2011

tambour embroidery class piece finish

Last June 2010, I took a tambour embroidery class at the University of Kentucky, under the direction of Professor Bob Haven, who is a professor of costume design and also a graduate of the Lesage school of embroidery in Paris, France.  This is the piece he designed for us to complete, using basically four techniques of luneville or tambour embroidery, which, simply put, is a form of embroidery using a very tiny sharp crochet hook.  After some serious practice, intense concentration and a few painful (and bloody) stabs to my thumb, I got the hang of it all and here is the finished piece.

The base fabric is organza, with metallic and polyester threads, flat and cupped sequins, beads and gold lame to complete the design.

Tomorrow I am heading first to Pennsylvania with my husband, to attend first his art opening at the Dressler Center for the Arts in Somerset, and then a memorial "jam session" to honor my late father in law, who passed away in March.  Sunday we are driving to Kentucky for me to study again with Bob Haven for an intensive three day course in tambour embroidery.  From this embroidery study has come a new passion for me and when I am working it, I feel completely alive and aware, totally in the moment.  More to come on my future with tambour embroidery featuring very prominently in my life!