Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Memory pendants

We're back from PA, after a whirlwind 24 hour trip to Somerset for Michael's class reunion. For some reason, probably because I hated high school, I keep mistakenly typing "ruinion" instead. But my husband had a good time and many friends so he is always itching to get to the five year reunions (I did it again!). Since we rarely dress up, it was a fun occasion to don suits and silks. As careful as I was, I still managed to dribble oil and vinegar salad dressing down the front of my $$$ silk blouse. Since it's practically the only article of clothing I own that didn't come from Sam's Club or the thrift shop, I hope the dry cleaner can get it out.

Now that we're home, I've been itching to make some things that have been pending for a little while. An order for a mother and daughter who wanted to commemorate their loved ones in the shape of memory necklaces is taking shape in these two sterling pendants.

This pendant was hand stamped and soldered tonight, then hit with patina and brushed to a soft shine. The very talented artist Jesse Reno gave me permission to use this quote to honor my customer's mother. Tomorrow I will insert a sepia photograph and fill it with resin. After a day or two of drying time, it will be surrounded with sterling silver wrapped faceted rondelle aquamarine and other blue and green stones, as requested, and several lengths of sterling chain.

This quote is from yours truly and is in remembrance of the other customer's late mother.

Here we are, in our finery, at the reunion at Indian Lake Lodge, Somerset, PA. My husband was looking particularly handsome, don't you think? It was a lovely cool evening, set on a lake with many lovely homes and cabins surrounding the area. After the reunion, we took a walk along a trail under the most intensely brilliant stars I have ever seen. It was truly magical.

This week- back to work but with a better outlook and much jewelry work to be done. I'm finally feeling well enough to get back into the swing of things and make polymer beads. ya-hooooooooo!!

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karengberger said...

You both look wonderful. I enjoyed the subliminal "ruinion" bit, and am glad that it was a re-union and not a ruin-ation!
I love the stamped quote, and cannot wait to see the finished piece; please post a photo of it when it's done!
So glad to hear that you are feeling better.