Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The two pendants are curing now, thankfully they weren't over-poured.
It will take about two days for them to be cured enough to work without leaving fingerprints or other marks. Maybe three days. I poured the larger one in stages to cure faster. I've made sterling links to hang from the bottom drilled hole and intend to load them up with sterling wire wrapped pearls and other lovely faceted stones.


While we were in PA over the weekend, we went to WalMart and bought pots and pots of lovely mums to plant on the family grave plots. I was surprised the variety and health of the plants. Looking over the colorful array of blooms, this lovely old fellow was setting on top of one pot of mums. He looks a bit on the end-of-the-run ragged side, but isn't he lovely nevertheless? We took his photo and left him there, hoping no one would bother him. Later, when we were finished with our shopping, I couldn't help but go back and check on him. He wasn't there on the mums anymore, but was hunkered down on a wooden barrel nearby.

My dearest husband is watching the Republican convention now. I'm hoping he's only trying to obtain all points of view... lest he have to sleep on the sofa tonight.


karengberger said...

Gorgeous! What a treasure for the wearer! I hope you will advertise these on your etsy site, and I hope a magazine will do a piece on these.
There is a store called "Something Silver" (I think that's the name) and they should carry these, too.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thanks, karen! i'm still very much word of mouth right now. one of these finished necklaces will be photographed and advertised for commission in a tiny art gallery on chincoteague, virginia. otherwise i've only done them for close family and friends. i still have my work cut out for me!

karengberger said...

Here is the site of the chain (haha, a pun so early in the a.m.) of stores that I mentioned: http://www.somethingsilver.com/. They have wonderful gifts from many artists, and your work might be a great fit for them...just a thought!