Saturday, September 13, 2008

green/bronze speckle pendants

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Still smokin' at 46!!

It's my husband's 46th birthday today. Happy birthday, honey! We had a big day planned, but alas, he inexplicably came down with a bad cold last night and we scrapped the entire day, favoring postponement until he feels better. Poor him. Even his cake sits in the refrigerator, untouched. And that, dear friends, is torture for me!

We did go out to our new Whole Foods Market (love it!!) and loaded both of us up with soup, salad and fruit for lunch, and some organic this and that for the fridge stock.
While Michael slept off his aching head, I spent my afternoon sanding beads and pendants. After that bout, anyone who wants to email me how to load up a tumbler with sandpaper will be most welcome. My fingers feel like claws!!

The light left me before I could photograph and post the smaller 15 mm round beads but these larger ones and several others not pictured got a good photograph and post to my Etsy store. I fine sanded all of these to 1500 grit and then buffed on the lathe for a nice shiny but soft finish. With the bronze accents and highlights, these would all look lovely paired with the Vintaj chain and charms so prevalent on the market. You can't beat brass and bronze for a lovely Fall necklace.


karengberger said...

Wish him a happy birthday and quick recovery from me, please.

I spent the weekend at a retreat, and I keep thinking about your rosaries. Are you going to put any on etsy? I brought the one you made for me and showed my friends. They are Catholic, so their rosary is different, but I am hoping that you will offer some on your site...
God bless you!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thanks, karen. i'm looking forward to reading about your retreat.
I will take into consideration the rosaries. yes i would like to put some on etsy. i will let you know when i am about to do so. i hope your retreat was peaceful and fulfilling.