Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Art Show

Well, by now I expected to have some news to tell but nothing so far. We trekked up 95 to West Chester, Pennsylvania last week for my husband to interview at West Chester University to join their staff at the school of Fine and Performing Arts in the Music Department. He had an excellent interview (four hours!), looked dashing in his new suit and the weather was utterly fabulous. But now that we are home, it is hurry up and wait. They said within a few days he should know. It's hard to know what to do, although if the offer is good enough, of course we will be there. We've lived in Richmond together for eight years, and I've lived in this neck of Virginia for eighteen years, so it's not just a purely simple matter of heading out. It's literally starting over, although I've heard from several friends that they have lived near there and it is just great. So we're hopeful we can begin again, somewhere new and more exciting, prosperous and secure. Fingers crossed...

Otherwise, I had an art show to attend at the University of Richmond this past Sunday. It was a short show, from 11-5 only but it was also Parent's Weekend at the University, and also for the first time in two years the show was held in its normal spot, along a lovely trail next to the lake there. The weather cooperated beautifully with cool temps, no wind at all and our spot was in the shade to boot. With all that going for it, I sold almost 3/4 of my inventory, a nice mix of older items and new things, so I was a very happy gal indeed at the day's end. I have removed a bunch of things off etsy that sold at the show and am now figuring up what to make next.

No pictures again today. My camera croaked, although all it needs is a charge.

For anyone, but Karen in particular, if you are reading this, a book recommendation. The evening before the interview we went to the ginormous mall at King of Prussia and spent some time in Borders. While there I picked up a new book, Acedia & Me- A Marriage, Monks, and A Writer's Life, by Kathleen Norris. A quote in there kept me thinking of you-- "When Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had been there a long time, he said to him, "do you want to be made well?" - John 5:6
Look it up on Amazon and see what you think.

Pictures of new stuff, I promise, VERY SOON! I have no more excuses.

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karengberger said...

Wow- that looks interesting; I've never even heard of acedia before. That is a new term, and what an intriguing life she has led. Now I want to see if the library has a copy...Thanks for the idea!