Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No photos today, folks. This very unfortunate illness just will not get lost, forcing me to spend time doing something I don't do often or well enough-- REST. I did manage to sneak in some time this evening whupping up beads, but alas, no photos. I paired the humblebeads shell mishaps with a black base and a few extra sparkle wraps for big huge pendants and I am mighty pleased, even in their unbaked, stored-in-plastic-container state. Also puttered around with ecru based smaller round bead sets and pancake beads. I can't wait to bake them up, sand them down and polish 'em up, ready for sale or ready made for me to make something marvelous, or whatever. Anything! I have so many supplies sitting around, boxes of beads and silver and finished etched pieces, so many beads waiting patiently to bake and when it comes down to it right now, the energy is just plain deflated.

Lucy and Mango are my faithful bedmates. Don't animals just love it when you don't feel good? They snuggle so close to me, it's so endearing. Little fuzzy critters, how I love 'em so. =)

While in my limbo state, I've enjoyed re-reading one of my favorite books, On The Rez, by Ian Frazier, also read Bringing Home The Birkin by Michael Tonello (LOVED it! I laughed almost cover to cover). Also I watched two DVD's I've had for a while but never had time to watch-- The Bourne Identity and Paris, Je T'Aime. Also I finished a long standing embroidery project this afternoon. So I guess rest is a relative thing. Restless is more like it.

On my mind constantly is my deadline to get my article in to the Belle Armoire Jewelry editor. Yes, I have an article on using up scrap sterling pieces for funky earrings due out June 1 in summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. That's not their title of the article, by the way, but it's basically the content. The summer article is long finished and turned in, but I got word several days ago that I will be in the autumn '08 issue of same magazine as well. The working copy of it is called Polymer Clay & Metal Bracelets. I must get started on that article because it's a more complicated techniques based article with step out photos.

So much to do. Really I must hurry and get well.

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