Saturday, April 19, 2008

Something New

Since I already have a website (, and an Etsy site (, and I read about fifty blogs twice a day or more, I figured I may as well further limit my available art making time or doing-anything-else-that-is-more-productive-time by starting a blog. Thus, my new blog. I hope to focus on bead making and jewelry making progress, but since I have an artist husband, an old dog and a 20 pound Manx cat named Mango, I'm sure they will figure prominently as well. Also in my spare time when I'm not in a state of melancholy over the past, I like to pick up one of my twelve or more other passionate pursuits. Some of these are, not in any particular order: knitting, journaling (sometimes art journaling when I'm really feeling energetic), cross stitch, thrift shopping, reading piles of books, studying art, traveling, and my endless pursuit of the perfect blend of tall-in-a-venti-cup-non-fat-extra-whipped mocha from Starbucks.

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LLYYNN said...

Welcome to blogging, Jennifer - can't wait to follow along with your creative process!!