Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lucy, Tornado & Humblebeads

This Monday had a particular order, or a peculiar order, whichever. First thing this morning we drove an hour and a half to take Lucy (on the futon right, with little cousin & buddy Maggie) to the orthopedic vet surgeon in Yorktown, VA, to be evaluated for a torn ACL. Two hours later, we came out with a receipt for a hundred bucks spent, an appointment (May 20) for a TPLO surgery, and after lunch, a tornado bearing down on us while driving home in a monsoon-worthy rain storm. It rained torrents the whole way home along route 5 but we didn't see any serious action other than extremely heavy rains. Lucy is terrified of storms and rode on Michael's lap while I navigated home. Every hydroplane pocket sent her into whimpering spasms. Poor girl. Two of her major life fears rolled into one day....

Finally we got home and settled into watching the storm/tornado footage on t.v. Then Michael started a new painting and I started new clay projects loosely based on the tutelage of Humblebeads polymer clay shell cane "down by the sea." Well, I kept getting distracted and ended up cutting the clay the wrong direction and then my twisted log rolls split. Once that damage was under control, I managed to use up all the white/translucent clay instead of saving it for the end of the project. So I got out those two packets and re-created them. For the actual cane, I rolled the white/translucent too thin and when the rest was rolled up in it, it broke through again here and there. *sigh* So I just ditched the directions and did my own version. After all that, when things were put away (no beads tonight-- I'm letting the clay set overnight) and cleaned up, I looked at Humblebeads online and figured out my problem-- my printer printed the photos from the tutorial out in a wonky order. 1 and 2 skipped to five, then four, on separate pages. No wonder I thought I was going nuts. Tomorrow afternoon I'll cook them all up and post photos.

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