Saturday, April 26, 2008

Metalwork Work

This day has been one of rest, eating three scoops of ice cream (chocolate almond, chocolate espresso and vanilla chip), reading, creating. I played around with my stamps and the etched pieces were leftovers from experiments, ready to be attached to some necklace project or another. Note the piece on the left, soaked too long in muriatic acid. This, people, is what happens. Actually it looks kinda cool with holes here and there instead of letters, like a piece from antiquity.

In other jewelry related news, Willa Cline reformatted my website and the results are super!
Check out the new pics:
thanks willa!! You're amazing!!

While I worked on new pieces, Mango chilled for the afternoon under the air vent. =) gotta love a fat kitty. Who could resist that fuzzy belly?

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