Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The job interview is over. I'm exhausted and relieved. I think it went ok as far as answering questions semi-intelligently but I'm not sure the job is for me. The daily tasks require more of a worker drone than I'm quite willing to go with although with the economy the way it's going I may not have a choice in the matter, at least for now.

The bead above is one of the mokume tubes from yesterday, all sanded, polished and listed on etsy, along with several other tube beads and a set of five round beads. check 'em out. Typically i tend to shred my work more but I'm pleased with this one and the others of the same colorways.

Listening to jazz on the CD- Lee Rittenour from about twelve years ago. Many of the tracks I heard live at Seven Springs Jazz Festival in 1996 when my husband worked that gig tuning the pianos for the artists. Good memories....

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