Monday, May 5, 2008

Hampton Art & Soul

Last Friday evening I took a class at Hampton, VA Art & Soul Retreat. My class was with polymer clay artist extraordinaire, Barbara McGuire, pictured above. Thanks to her, I am now completely addicted and in love with 22 kt gold for use in mokume gane polymer clay. Wow. The effect is gorgeous, glamorous, lustrous, breathtaking. I can't get over how much more lovely it is than regular foil. I have some new beads posted on Etsy, including ones with the new gold leaf.

There were so many wonderful artists and instructors at Art & Soul Hampton, and I dearly wanted to take a book art class with Daniel Essig, but I was financially limited to one class and once I saw Barbara's class listing, the decision was easy. Once I found my classroom, I hightailed it to the room reserved for all sorts of wonderful art supplies for sale. I snagged one block rubber stamp called Women of Pompeii. There were so many lovelies there it was hard to choose only one thing. So many new and wonderful rubber stamps, papers, paints. I wasn't able to check and make sure the stamp I chose was an angel policy stamp. If it is, it will look fabulous with metal etchings.

Saturday night was the vendor night, reserved for the instructors to sell their wares to students. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend but for my bank account it was probably fortuitous. I am only too happy for the class itself, so no disappointments at all.

Still to come this week is the article I must begin for Belle Armoire autumn issue. It is looming over me very uncomfortably.

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