Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Here we are at Agecroft Hall a few days ago. My last week in my thirties. *SOB!!* I really should photoshop out my crow's feet... My husband is 45. Isn't he handsome?

The good news is my article, although still at least 400 words beyond the limit, is turned in to Belle Armoire Jewelry! yay! The bad news is I am still working on step out photos. A note to myself: take photos when making original project, not AFTER the projects are all mailed and delivered. *sigh* I've been madly making beads (above) and resin charms similar to those that will be in the autumn issue, and then photographing them step by step. So there will be a mokume gane round bead tutorial as well as a sterling/resin tiny charm step out tutorial come September 1.

These will go on Etsy in a few days, as well as some other pendants finished this afternoon.

Otherwise things are going ok. What am I up to? Well, I'm catching up on watching Workout on Bravo TV while polishing the beads (at least my hands are working out...). We ate a big Mexican dinner out tonight, thus blowing my diet for the entire week, and then we skipped our usual long evening power walk. I feel enormously guilty (true). Lucy is napping and snoring gently on the futon. Mango is sleeping in his typical evening position- on the floor, fat tummy in the air, front and back feet extended, eyes blissfully closed, totally knocked out cold. Michael is working on a painting. In between everything I worked on a knitted sweater today and read some more on a 1983 biography of Isak Dinesen.

STILL I am waiting for word on the job I don't really want but need to take... maybe it won't be so bad. hey, maybe it'll be good!! Note: must think many positive thoughts, affirmations, make offerings to the gods for this to be so. But with gas almost to four bucks a gallon, and every known product hiking price, I can't be picky with job offerings. A few weeks ago I walked out shaking my head and rolling my eyes, no way. Now I am anxious to get a green light. Aren't these great times, people? Let's hear it for a new president! Let's hear it for a Democrat in the White House! Yes!! Although you know what? Who on earth would be crazy enough to want to take on this incredible mess we're in? I feel acutely sorry for the poor soul who ends up with the task, no matter who it is. Although if it's the old guy, I will feel the most sorry for us poor saps out here trying to drag in another deflated dollar to keep food in the fridge, gas in the car, roof over our heads, and also very important, BEADS IN MY WORKBIN!!

Well, go out and vote, folks, when it's time. It's all we can do. Your beads (and your sales) may depend on it.


Willa said...

Those beads are BEAUTIFUL!! If you have a Michael's near you, they've got all their polymer clay for 99 cents through, I think, the 24th. I just happened to go in there last night.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

oh excellent willa! thanks for the tip!! i'll definitely be heading there today...