Sunday, March 29, 2009

tackling life from all sides

Tomorrow we sign our new lease and then let the fun begin, packing and more packing and sorting and tossing. I'm actually kinda looking forward to the tossing part as we (especially me) have way too much accumulated stuff. Anyone in the Richmond area looking for just about any knitting book ever published? Because I am selling off almost all of them. So get in touch with me via email or else by the end of this coming week they are all going to Chop Suey books on Cary St. for whatever they'll give me for them. Ditto for about 200 (plus?) other books I have not glanced at for years but still thought I needed until now.

Most jewelry books, other than absolute beginner books, I am keeping. But, I am going through all my jewelry, knitting, art and whatever else magazines and am taking them all to the thrift shop. All that money.... boy. These days I am pretty selective about purchasing magazines, but there was a time when every month found me at Barnes and Noble, coming out the door with every knitting, embroidery, bead and needlework magazine out there in a bag heading for the pile at home. ye gods. You've never seen so many art magazines as are stuffed in this tiny apartment, people. I resolve to do better! I cannot stand so much clutter! It really does hinder the creative process. I can't stand working in a piggish (my definition) atmosphere. Some people can work with trinkets and junk piled to the ceiling. More power to you! But I'm telling you, my nerve pill bottle would be empty in a day if I had that going on here, because there is nothing worse than spending all my time searching for some elusive missing object that I just know is somewhere in the stacks of stuff. I have to have some organization and especially, cleanliness. As it is, this place seriously puts me in the car heading for the loony bin. Hopefully that will all change into glorious la la land after we move.

Today I washed, ironed and organized all my bits of fabric and boxed them in plastic. Then since it was such a gorgeous day, Lucy got a nice long walk and a car ride (yes, I take my dog for a ride in the car just because she loves it so, no particular destination). Afterwards more domestic tasks, then I finished a long standing necklace project that will be posted soon as the recipient receives it.

Lucy is already in bed crying for me to join her. For anyone who is my Facebook friend, check our her new Dogbook profile. =D

One final note to self: do not fill big screen tv size box with oversize hardcover books and then attempt liftoff without bending knees. doh!


Swestie said...


I know you'll be happy to move! Congrats! I've found that an extensive clipping/filing system works well for all of the loved but no longer needed magazines... take care... p.s...I knitted arm warmers w. thumb holes - in the round! Ain't I fancy?

Theresa said...

I don't mind moving, but I hate packing...... I've learned not to pack books in large boxes the hard way as well......
When you are all settled down, would me give me your updated address? I still owe you a PIF gift..... I didn't forget!!! Just having a hard time deciding what to make for you~
Good luck with the move!!!


karengberger said...

This is so exciting. I am looking forward to seeing pics of the new place, views, whatever you post, and hearing how you are settling in. You are doing great work in cleaning out, re-selling items that will bless others. I'm happy for you!