Sunday, April 5, 2009


For our twelve wedding anniversary today, Michael took some photos of us together. This is the one I am using on my blog and etsy site now. Compared to our wedding, Michael looks about the same- still handsome... don't you agree? I, on the other hand, look much different. More wrinkles... much longer hair... thinner face, but whatever. We had a fine day today and yesterday, although the movie we planned to see this evening gave way to a very long walk instead, much needed, and a pitstop for chocolate covered pretzels and coffee (not needed). A very fine evening indeed. Simple pleasures.

Looking back over the course of twelve years, I was thinking today while Michael was at band practice. What have we/I done for the past twelve years? At first thought, I surmised, well, not much! But I made a list. Here is what I came up with:

We've lived in three houses and five apartments.
I became a published artist.
My husband became an award winning artist.
We travelled to Germany, Austria & France in 1997.
Took a train around the country for three weeks in 2000.
I went to Sweden alone in 2001.
We drove to New Mexico in 2005.
Flew to the Pacific Northwest in 2006.
Italy in 2009.
Countless trips to visit parents, relatives and friends for weekends.
We've camped, seen the cherry blossoms in DC, and hiked mountains.
We saw the passing of Michael's mother, brother, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and animal friends.
We've cared for two cats (Max, rest in peace) and the current big kitty Mango Man. And we've raised our sweet dog Lucy since 1996 to the present. She is our sweet, smart, adored little gal.
We've laughed and cried and fought and made up. We've learned about each other and ourselves, grown and developed in ways that never would have come to pass without our union.
So much, so many things. I am grateful for my husband.

A while back I asked Amanda Davie ( to do a necklace exchange with me. Hers arrived in my mailbox ages ago. Mine to her, pictured here, has just been sent off to Wisconsin. I consider this a talisman necklace, with a favorite Wordsworth quote stamped in copper, textured and with patina.

Talismans from left to right are: stick pearl, faceted pearl, agate, turquoise stick, Peruvian blue opal chunk. All accented with patina saturated sterling wire wraps and handmade jump rings.

Sterling links and a lovely diamond shaped agate. That agate is so luscious. I think I got it at the Greater Washington DC Bead Society bead show about two years ago. So beautiful!

A close up of the goodies.... Wear it in good health, Amanda!! Enjoy!

Tomorrow it is back to the grind, although the list of what needs to be done yet makes me shudder. blah! Someone needs to descend on this place and rescue me from the perils of packing. I am a serious convert to minimalism at this point and really would love to throw almost everything away. Possessions are such a dreadful drag.

Time for some serious zzzzzzzzzzzz's now. I can't wait.


sharon said...

WOW, congratulations on your anniversary and congrat's on all those accomplishments, i'd say thats pretty impressive!! Just a beautiful post jennifer!

karengberger said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! That photo is lovely. I didn't know you when you got married, but you look wonderful today. Congratulations to you and your love!
The necklace is gorgeous, as usual! I hope the one you are going to receive is as delightful as this one.
God bless you!

stregata said...

I just saw the necklace on Backyard Beads with your copper pendant and wanted to tell you that I think your work is stunning!
I hope your move goes smoothly,
all the best!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

Thank you! I appreciate your kindness and your comments! The move is chugging along although I am missing the days when I could toss two boxes and a suitcase in the back of my car, put the cat on the seat and head out! Those were the days!