Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter candy

Random thoughts today only. My mom AKA The Easter Bunny sent us a package in the mail full of candy. We'd planned to visit my parents over the weekend and it was thwarted by the flu for me (again, seems to be a pattern). Instead we have been stuffing ourselves sick with goodies. So far we have eaten the following: one huge homemade chocolate covered peanut butter egg, two packages of Reese's Pieces in bags the shape of a carrot, 1/2 of a huge homemade chocolate covered cherry flavor egg, two packages of yellow peeps. Left to chomp on: one package of jelly bellies. The best of the batch? Definitely the chocolate covered peanut butter egg, made by some church ladies up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Yummy, yummy good for my tummy.

Otherwise it was a low key Easter. Every year I look forward to Easter, and I know this sounds strange, but I love watching shows on tv that are historical documentaries of the time of Christ and the events of Easter, Christmas, and so on. This year, sick with flu and feeling drained, I sank into the futon with Lucy to catch one of the programs. Flipping, flipping, flipping through channels for hours and at the end of the evening? Nothing! No documentaries at all!! What??!! What happened? Maybe because our cable canned the History channel? But what of PBS, that staple of documentaries? And what of CNN, who has put out some fabulous religious history shows? Hmmm. Nothing, and that goes for the entire weekend. *sigh* Oh well, back to the chocolates...

Although we were not able to attend religious service for lack of want of making everyone there sick, we had a service of sorts of our own in the blessing of nature, taking a mid afternoon walk through a local park that is busting with glorious azaleas.

Tonight I am filling three more jewelry orders and debating on halting my etsy shop and my other commissions until after our move next *gulp* Friday. You cannot imagine (or maybe you can) the disorder (putting it politely) that is this apartment. It is very difficult to work on jewelry, especially when I really need to be packing up my workshop corner.

Last night we packed Michael's easel, and then sorted and packed his paints, brushes, canvases, pens and pencils, and other assorted art gear. What a messy job. Paint all over the place.

It is kind of an exhilarating feeling throwing things out, taking unwanted stuff to thrift stores and finally getting some order into our possessions. I'm feeling it's a hair less of a drag to move than I did a week ago. I'm also finding things that have been lost, some things lost for weeks, others lost for years.

But the more I talk about it, the less I get done, so back to work!

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karengberger said...

It IS a great feeling to cleanse, purge and sort, even though there is a bit of pressure right now with the impending move. I bet your new place will be better organized because of all of your efforts now, and I know that those to whom you have donated your extras will be blessed. I suppose that you are in the midst of a birth, of sorts, and fatigue is natural in the birth process (esp when you've been sick). I hope you will just keep at it, one little bit at a time. As your pendant says, "by letting go, it all gets done." Hugs.