Tuesday, April 21, 2009

moving week & a quick trip to the bead store!

It's moving week!

That said, I hope to get back on track with jewelry, blogging, writing letters, filling orders, and all that jazz after next week (plus back to regular work).

A real live true dedicated art room. i can't wait. =) happy.

We picked up our keys today and celebrated at Starbucks after. Then we drove home and collapsed into a heap of humans and furballs on the bed for an early evening snooze, still exhausted after a nine hour drive to Pennsylvania.

Saturday afternoon found us creeping along in DC traffic for four hours straight, foot by foot in agony (and a bit of road rage), unsure I would make it before 5 p.m. closing time at Accents Beads in Rockville, Maryland, where they have some of the loveliest strands of beads around and the amethyst beads I was out of. Happily we made it with 1/2 hour to look and purchase.
The photo above is my makeshift pic of beads purchased at Accents Beads. From top to bottom, drilled Robels wood, faceted amethyst, white hemimorphile, large round amethyst (awesome deep purple!), cube flourite, faceted tourmilated quartz, loose stick pearls.

Above, a better photo of the fabulous AA grade amethyst.

Sunday- a family reunion, running all over visiting other friends in the area, bed at 3 a.m. Up at 7 to take my sister in law's dog to the vet. Another visit to a friend, then the drive home in pouring rain and thunderstorms last night. Not real pretty in the Laurel Highlands of PA yet. Still looks like the dead of winter except for very few daffodils here and there. Michael took this photo of a lovely clear stream & first daffodils of the season near Rector, Pa.

Calling all day today to switch out cable, internet, phone, business phone, electric, and so on. Hey, we'll have Fios after we move. I guess I am not living enough in the modern world that I never heard of such a thing. Fiber optics...hmmm. ok. all I care about is we'll get HBO and the History channel again, plus unlimited long distance calling.

The tired old stance still holds-- I must can this and get back to packing. Maybe along with May flowers I'll also have neat jewelry to show for once on here.


sharon said...

The best of luck and good wishes in your new place Jennifer!

karengberger said...

That brook is lovely and peaceful-looking. I'm so glad that you got a bead "fix" in the midst of your busy-ness. It's inspiring and energizing to get materials for creating, isn't it?
Can't wait to see photos of your new "nest" when you are ready. God bless you!