Wednesday, April 29, 2009

moved in

Well, we are finally all moved in, except for two accent ceiling lights that Michael has to dismantle tomorrow, then we turn in our old keys and start living here at the new apartment. It has been an experience, dear friends, that I care not to repeat for a while!

It is almost ten thirty at night and I just pulled the fridge out and hand cleaned the floor. Super yuck, people. Maybe I am a rare bird to care that all these nooks and crannies get a good cleaning but I can hardly bear to go to work this week knowing dirt is lurking and I have not had the time to take care of it all before moving in, so we are having to move things around and then blast through this phase of it. Still to come tonight is a good swiffer scrub of the kitchen tile before I go nuts looking at all the refuse from almost a week's worth of four people, two dogs and one fat kitty walking back and forth over it. I'm not sure how long this old apartment has been standing empty but it is taking some work to bring it back to life. And I cannot get used to the super high ceilings in here. It is so weird compared to our old morgue apartment where one's head practically scraped the ceiling standing up.

And I was wrong about another thing here. Mango, my big fat orange Manx kitty, who was so frightened when we first got him that he hid under our bed for at least a month, absolutely LOVES it here. He is into everything, exploring all the cupboards and closets, sleeping in the bathroom linen closet and stretching full out on the bed to catch the sun's rays in the afternoon.

And Lucy is enjoying looking out the back bedroom window while laying on the bed, watching the afternoon convergence of several dog friends play under a huge old oak tree.

So it is going ok after alot of nerve bundle explosions and fits and starts of things not working and then being corrected by maintenance staff. I think I swore more in the past week than in the last year combined.

Our new art studio awaits unpacking. What with return to work, there has been no time to catch up on orders. I come home from work with the best intentions of setting up shop in earnest but fatigue is still my enemy and I end up propped up in bed, diet coke in hand, surfing etsy shops with droopy eyelids.

My jewelry bench is lined up on the correct wall but is surrounded on all sides by boxes, bags and even Mango's poop box, which has yet to find a permanent out of the way location. What can I say, it's a major move. Things will get put away when time permits. I would just like to wave a wand and have it all together in place looking clean and perfect right now. Patience is not my strong suite.

Two more days until the weekend. *sigh*
I had stars in my eyes of driving to the Beadfest show in Malvern but rest may be a better idea. The following weekend I'm working for a vendor Sat/Sun at the Richmond stop of the Intergalactic Bead show. Two hundred bucks cash or two forty for merchandise for the two day gig. I chose the cash. We need it. Moving costs the earth these days.


sharon said...

Jen, Your post here brings a very vivid picture to mind of my last move 3 years ago, swore never to be done again....and I think there still is a box upstairs still untouched from then in the category of "where am I gonna put that?"

stregata said...

Hope you get everything put together soon and then get some rest. I think you will get to love the high ceilings - they give a more spacious look to a room. I still miss having them.

Swestie said...

Welcome home! How exciting... any new, er, spirit friends?

Willa said...

So glad Mango settled in easily! Maybe the earlier problem was that he was coming in to a place where you had all been for awhile; this new place is his! :)

karengberger said...

Congratulations! Hooray! Virtual-Blog-Housewarming Party -WOOHOO! God bless you in your new nest.

Christine Damm said...

I can't believe you got a blog post done with all the stuff you've been doing-- congrats! And you should post, your writing is great and very descriptive. You're going on my "must read" blog list.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thanks everyone! sallie, no spooks yet. i hope we left the ones previous firmly rooted in place. we must get together soon as the dust settles. promise? and i'm honored to be on a must read blog list. i re-read my posts and yawn with boredom most of the time. =D
thank you for your prayers and i apologize to anyone i have not read their blogs in a while. if you saw this incredible mess, you would put me to bed with an aspirin and a sapphire gin martini. or at least a very large mocha latte with lots of whipped cream.

Theresa said...

Congratulations on your big move~ I can totally relate to all the things you had to do after a move!!!! I hope you will settle in soon!!!!
Please e-mail me your new address when you get a break from all the unpacking~ I still owe you a PIF gift - and now it will doube as a house warming gift as well~~ ;-)