Sunday, March 1, 2009

sit under a tree

This etching and matching stamped bar is a work in progress that is my designated project for tomorrow. The beads are chosen, the design is designed and it's just left to string it, wire wrap it all up and send it on, hopefully for publication somewhere. Who knows!

I think I've calmed down a bit from the last week. It was definitely my week to wig out and I did it with the full jumping-up-and-down, hair-pulling-out throttle I am oh so capable of doing. It's not good to experience, not fun to witness.

Today I am working on a long standing commission for another memory pin. That first one I made was a total bugger to get totally straight with the pin segment, meaning it was difficult to solder the pin around the bezel without either 1. melting the bezel. or 2. un-soldering the already soldered bezel. or 3. both.

So I am carefully planning strategy before I begin so I don't run into the problems I had before with this one and start another wig out session all over again. :D

In between working on this pin, I am having a very difficult time tearing myself away from a book, Beyond the Four Corners of the World, by Emily Benedek. It's the non-fiction story of a Navajo woman in Tuba City and her family and I am mesmerized by it. Now I am dying to hit the road next fall and go to Indian Country, the Grand Canyon, see tall cactus, the desert. *sigh* I'm ready to travel.

Michael and I are meeting a friend for coffee soon so better get ready. This guy, before arthritis forced him to scale back, used to play back up guitar with the Dave Matthews band and is a total alternative, post '60's throwback who makes me laugh and laugh, so it'll be a good time.

This alien is me with my full respirator gear in place, ready to start dumping chemicals for etching. Everyone who is beginning to etch with caustic chemicals, please run to the nearest hardware store and invest the best and healthiest $30 you'll ever spend for a 3M full respirator dedicated for anti-chemical or pesticide inhalants. Don't breathe that stuff! You will have skulls and crossbones floating in your brain if you do.... Be sure to wear protective eyewear, too and wear gloves!!

Happy Sunday, everyone. It's to freakin' snow in Richmond today. Unheard of!! The city will come to a total panicked standstill. We can't wait!!


Cindy said...

I love your etching/stamping set! I love that tree's the one I just used for my first etching. (My son says yours look better..I'm not surprised :-).

Thanks for the tip about the respirator. I etched outside, but I'm sure it's still a good idea. I think there's one in the garage, I'll have to go check it out.

I'll post pictures of my etching soon, after we finish a mad rush for drums for my son...he wants them now! and we found a good used set nearby, so don't want to lose it. My older son is getting an elec. guitar soon as well, I'm sure we'd all love to join you for coffee, lol.

Good luck with your projects. I'd love to see the finished etching project, but maybe will have to wait for it in published form.

Have fun in the snow. We're supposed to have a storm coming, too, but there's nothing right now.

karengberger said...

That etching is GORGEOUS. Oh, visions of Robert Frost poems are dancing in my head!
Love the respirator photo, but most of all that you are taking good care of yourself! Hooray for you and your PSA about it!
Have fun in the snow.

Mary Newton Designs said...

I do a lot of etching myself but that tree is beautiful! Great job!