Thursday, February 26, 2009

the never ending to do list

I am a total sucker for a pretty sunset. So is Michael. We'll veer off any highway, anywhere, pull out the camera and snap lovely pink and purple clouds with the receding sun. We take at least one camera everywhere we go. Not only in case we finally see a UFO, although that would be the coolest, but to capture moments such as above, December 30, 2008, on the way to my parent's house for belated Christmas. This was taken on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and believe me, it got alot more red and orange as the moments passed. So pretty.

I have to remind myself of lovely moments like these when I feel too much under the gun, as has been the case today. Too much to do, too little time and everything must be done, you know the feeling? My apartment is grossing me out. Definitely not up to the standards I set for it before I started working again and seriously making jewelry again. Right now I have four loads of laundry going in the machines, laundry that needs folding, a wet floors that are drying, etchings in various stages of completion that must be mailed tonight from the post office do it yourself kiosk, resin setting that must be periodically checked for the dreaded rising bubbles, a dog who is itching for a walk, people I need to write letters to, and and and and. A day off is rarely a true day off.

The problem is that I get into too many things at once, then I crash with the weight of all that I've put upon myself. *sigh*

Then again, what I don't get done weighs heavy on me. Particularly keeping in touch with people, something very important to me, and too much neglected on my part. I have a dear old friend in Australia who is not well whom I have owed a letter for two months. Another older lady I keep in contact in PA, again, about two months overdue. And a lovely gentleman in PA (hi Owen!!), recently having lost his dear wife, whom I owe a letter. I hope you are keeping in touch with me through this blog, Owen, because I am thinking of you, and will email you soon...

What I know is that some of these folks are not able to use computers and write long hand to me, and look forward to return letters like no one's business. So, like I said, things weigh heavy on me and I have a responsibility to keep up that has been put aside for the jewelry business, work and household duties. It just plain makes me sad.

Anyway, one of the reason for my flurry of activity tonight is my husband is at his band rehearsal and a gal can get alot more done with husband away than with husband under foot, at least in my household this is true. Also, I'm trying best as I can to free up time for this weekend to finally finish up some jewelry I want to submit to a few jewelry and beading magazines. These deadlines are coming up fast and I'm trying to submit to more than just Belle Armoire Jewelry, much as I love it. I have one piece accepted in Creative Jewelry magazine, although I'm not sure when it comes out.

Guess I better think of something for myself for dinner since it's almost 8 p.m. Then I'll walk Lucy, finish laundry, finish etchings, mail etchings and get to bed. Like I said, the never-ending list. Sometimes it's a bitch. I need to look at the sunset some more.


karengberger said...

That is an amazingly beautiful sunset. It almost doesn't look real, it's so pretty.
I know the feeling you describe here. I wonder if artistic types tend to multi-task more than others? And I am not good at multi-tasking these days, but the way you described your day sounds an awful lot like some of mine (substituting the quilts for the jewelry, and walking myself, not the dog)! So you are not alone, and since we know that once we get these things done, they will only need to be done again (food prep, laundry, shopping, exercise), maybe, as James Taylor says, "We might as well enjoy the ride..." Blessings to you, dear one.

Mary Newton Designs said...

Eat something and get some rest. It will be there later. That said, I know just how you feel. We always seem to have too much on our plates.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you, gals. i committed the cardinal sin of jewelry blogging-- complaints about life. but real life isn't always skipping gaily along, as you know so well, so i don't buy that one. i appreciate the comments & keeping my chin up! i know this is a topic most women can relate to very well.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous sunset!
I can relate to how you're feeling. I usually find that when that happens it's partly because my expectations of myself are too high. Then I need to just do what is absolutely necessary and find ways to do a little of what ever else I can do, etc. I had a thought about the letters, don't know if it helps, but maybe just sending a card for the moment saying hello and that you'll write might feel a little better, and they'll have a little something from you that's quick. I tend to think I have to do things a certain way or else not at all, and with two boys in my life, I have had to learn to be happy with just getting by some(many)times.
Then go out and look for another sunset ;-)...or a UFO, and breathe. (or, I guess, jump up and down if it's a UFO!)

Cindy said...

oh, and also, I always admire people who can write about their lives, including challenges, on their blogs...I'm usually too upset to write it out and then end up just writing about the easy, in my opinion, the human stuff is just as important as anything else.