Monday, February 16, 2009

new etchings on etsy shop

I spent the last two days filling more orders for etchings. I'm grateful for the business. Today I also worked on some new designs, seen here. Japanese name hanko with poem above, etching on copper with fine antique patina.

Asian stork at pond, copper etching with antique patina. For added interest, I put double holes at top center.

A little whimsical bird, copper etching with texture and patina. Top center and bottom center holes.

Asian stork at pond, brass etching on slightly lighter weight metal than the copper version. Same double center drilled holes at top and one center bottom.

And finally, a brass version of the letting go lao tzu connector bar. Again, lighter weight metal than the copper version.

Lucy the dog is itching for a nice walk in the cold weather and even after three days off from work the grocery store is still calling my name tonight. I had fun making up these new etchings today. My cleaning is neglected, clothes not ironed for work tomorrow and dishes in the sink but I feel good anyway. All the above now listed and for sale in my etsy shop


Lorelei said...

Jenn! These are so beautiful!! I love the Sanskrit! And the brass bar is gorgeous. I forgot to tell you that yes my etched pendants did come and they are PERFECT! I love them both so much. The brass is really stunning with the etching. It really turned out nicely!!

karengberger said...

Soooo lovely. The birds, the words, so serene and original. Thank you for sharing.
When I look at my rosary in the mornings, I thank God for friends like you who "get it." It's still amazing to me that you made that bead with the images on it as you did. They bring comfort & mean so much to me.

maryharding said...

Your etched pieces are beautiful. I think they are very poetic. I passed on the Love Blog's Award to you and linked to you in my blog post today. You can see it there. I always love your comments on my blog and appreciate your visits.