Monday, February 23, 2009

new in the shop

Saturday we took the day off, loaded Lucy in the car and trekked over to the battlefields at Yorktown, where we walked Surrender Trail, where Rochambeau and Washington had their respective camps very close to each other. This trail was five miles and Lucy in her advanced age did wonderfully well, better, I think, than did we. Michael and I used to live very close to this area early in our marriage and before, and we walked this trail several times a week, so it was a wonderful day and made all the more due to the complete lack of litter, bottles, trash, cigarette butts and other refuse so commonly seen on "scenic" trails. The US Park Service does a fabulous job with Yorktown, so head out and hike some well maintained areas if you are nearby or passing through. Once we finished this trail, we put Lucy in the car to rest and walked another five by ourselves. It was great fun to get some good exercise for a change, away from the city, breathing fresh air by the York River. Beautiful!

All the historic markers recounting Rochambeau and his assistance to Washington in the Revolutionary War made me itch to etch something French. So I cut the above piece of copper with a jeweler's saw into a coin shape and etched both sides with a lovely flowing French script. It is a very rich pendant and looks quite old. It is thin and weathered, much as a coin would be if found from centuries ago. Look for it now available in my etsy shop

Other items now available for sale in my shop... etched copper charm earrings with whimsical shaped earwires and free floating drilled river pebbles.

The French influence again... etched on both sides.

On to another continent- etched Kanji characters on copper with patina.

And smaller Japanese kanji characters etched onto copper with rich antique patina.

My big kitty Mango is snoring next to me, Lucy is bugging me to go to bed, Michael is already off in dreamland, and the king size is calling my name for a six a.m. wakeup. Time to nod off...


Theresa said...

Wow!!! All these etched pieces are just amazing!!!!
And congrtulations on your 100th sale!!!!!!

Cindy said...

These are amazing! It looks like you've taken a lot of time and care in making these. I'm just getting started with etching copper, so wish me luck ;-).

I live near where the battle of edge hill was fought, possibly even in the middle of some of it, too. I'm not a great history buff, but I did find out that the battle happened on my birthday!

I saw your can't-part-with designs that are on your website...your mom's a lucky woman!