Wednesday, February 25, 2009

buying stuff

I have tomorrow off from work so tonight is nice and relaxing. I don't have to get up at 6 tomorrow. whew. Nice feeling.

Right now my husband is watching some show called I Shouldn't Be Alive. If anyone has seen this, it's not a recipe for relaxation. Some guy is being taken down by a crocodile in Australia....he's screaming and gushing blood while being chomped on with big teeth. Michael thinks this is inordinately fascinating. Really it's pretty gross. What's to like about this?

Today my workload was light. Towards the end of the shift, I went somewhere I rarely go-- etsy surfing and finding neat and inexpensive goodies to buy. I had a small balance left in my paypal account from etching sales, so decided to treat myself to a few neat things....

a pewter Funky Nut from Mamacitabeads:

textured jump rings from cathydailey:

textured fine silver round and rectangular links from prolifique:

*sigh* I saw so many beautiful things. I am so in love with buri nuts and wood beads these days and I luuuurrrrrrve freshwater pearls in all their multicolored, multishaped glory, but didn't buy any. I had to seriously shut the etsy surf down before I did serious bank account damage. Then my shift was over and I went home.

Pictured way above is me and the Lucy dog on our Yorktown battlefield Surrender Trail walk. It is the most beautiful, peaceful place. Hard to fathom all that went on there, a great expanse of land to the distant right of the trail early in the walk was a large hospital during the Revolutionary War. Imagine that, people... Probably carnage far surpassing the croc eating the guy in Australia, at the very least.

Tomorrow I have a glorious day planned of filling a few orders, working on some commissioned pieces at long last, washing and drying and folding PILES of laundry. Clean folded clothes always make me happy! Some vacuuming, putting things away, and basically cleaning up the mess here that has been neglected for a while since I've been too swamped to get anything done other than work at work and work jewelry at home.

What to do before bed tonight? Forget the crocodiles... I'm taking a nice hot bubblebath. :D


karengberger said...

Sounds good! I hope your day tomorrow is satisfying and leaves you feeling free and energized. Your creativity inspires me!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you, karen! a day off in between working several days seems like a fabulous thing until the day off arrives and all i want to do is flop. my orders WILL get done tonight, though, even though it means very sleepy tomorrow. i hope you are well. glad david is home safe and sound!