Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new hair, new etchings

I am now a redhead! Looks like I need more hair gel though. Frizz city! The excellent hair salon where I have been getting my hair colored the last two years went under in the crappy economy and I am not about to pay what I used to pay for hair trim, color, styling now that they are out of commission so off to Target I went and found a lovely shade of auburn. Two bottles of Miss Clairol later, and voila! A five dollar redhead (two bottles for long hair, with a dollar off coupon). I like it, as does my husband, but I suspect the guys at work will give me some ribbing about it tomorrow. Notice the lovely Spring blossoms!

Recently we watched my mom and dad's little dog, Maggie. She weighs exactly half as much as big kitty Mango. As you can see, all the critters are pals, which is cute to watch. This is a king size bed, which we got several years ago so our dog would have more room to stretch out. I kid you not.

New etching. Catch it on http://jenniferstumpf.etsy.com/. Whimsical Aegean owl, hand- drawn and etched on copper.

Another new etching. Latin script double sided etched copper pendant. Also on my etsy shop. These are both one of a kind pieces. I am having to scale down my production of etchings since we found an apartment we like and are in the process of renting it and have about a month to sort, toss, donate, sell, pack and move to a much larger, two bedroom apartment with wood floors and a real live dining room. What the H is that? I haven't had one in so long! Lots of light, lots of room, lovely view of tall trees and a very green courtyard where pets are allowed, not easy to find at all, without high dollar and many restrictions.

So, busy busy busy. But happy.


karengberger said...

Your new apartment sounds wonderful; I'm so happy for you! I hope you can post photos when the dust has settled.

Your animals (and their guest) are so cute. They look so contented together. I love the name "Mango" for your cat; it fits so well.

Your jewelry pieces are gorgeous. I am guessing that you'll have offers for that necklace from all over the place! Your etchings are so intriguing. No wonder that was a pickup line in the old days (remember the "wanna come up & see my etchings?" line?)! Fabulous creations. Your work is so inspiring. Oh, and your hair is VIBRANT! It's a glorious, elegant mane...reminds me of a pre-Raphaelite painting.

maryharding said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your Sit Under a Tree Necklace is fabulous. Wonderful mix of elements, shapes and textures. I am sure you will be successful in getting it published.

Gaea said...

It's all so beautiful! Yay!