Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Design

Busy day today so this is a very short post. I just wanted to acknowledge the designer behind my new background.. Cristi of She offers a lovely and very generous free service and only asks for acknowledgement and her banner on your sidepost in exchange., something I must attend to today. I have a list of things to accomplish the next three days I am off, including etchings for orders (today), two commissioned memory necklaces (work on today), attend to my husband's business papers and mailing list (tomorrow), clean this pig pen apartment (hmm... pick at that all weekend, probably), work on a long standing magazine submission for consideration (far from a done deal, but something I want to try anyway), AND in addition some relaxing knitting and maybe a movie? Plus my husband wants to wander the Museum of Fine Arts this afternoon after some of my jewelry work is completed.
That sounds like alot now that I read it off, and also the list has about ten more things on it. A list is a must for me, or else I flounder and go from one thing, pick it up and put it down, to another task, start it and go on to something else. On and on and then I don't get anything done and frustration ensues. Brrrr.... We seriously need a larger apartment. I can't even say a better organized one, because everything here has its place (it usually just doesn't stay in it, though). Well I feel already like I'm rambling on incoherently so will sign off until I have something decent to say or show. Life right now is just taking care of business and if I can get it done, it has its own satisfaction even if its not that interesting to anyone but me.


karengberger said...

It sounds like a full and busy weekend is ahead of you. You won't be bored, that's for sure. I hope you enjoy each moment!...and please take pics of your jewelry to show us.

sharon said...

jennifer, i linked on your blog thru gaea's blog, i'm kind of new to this, but have seen your work before and it's absolutely terrific! i hope to order something soon! i love your copper etchings, the birds especially!

Lorelei said...

Pretty Background Jenn!
Puts me right in the mood for Spring!