Monday, March 9, 2009

Some things are too good to be true, oh yes they are

I wish I had pictures. Michael took the camera to take photos of the little apartment with the front and back balcony but I was so appalled at the condition of the place, he knew better than to take any. Honestly, I cannot win when it comes to the living arrangements. This place had a triple slap of white paint all over everything (windows, cupboards and one door clear painted shut) and the wood floors sealed but it couldn't seal the holes, YES, HOLES, I found in the edges of the floor around the walls here and there. The back bedroom window was bolted shut on one side, and had an inch gap on the other bottom side where one could stick their fingers out and give them a good wiggle, or in my case, flip someone off, which is what I felt like doing, namely the lame prospective landlord, who acted like we were wandering through a pot of gold. "Oh, I'll fix that, and that and that," he said whenever I pointed out yet another crumble, crack or hole somewhere in the place. =( And I asked to walk out to the back deck and the guy conveniently did not have the proper key to open the back door. Good for him since I already looked out the back window and saw the three crater size holes poking through the wood floor boards. Jesus Christmas, folks, seriously... So much for my romantic ideals. The place looked like a crack den.

THEN I swung back around to the opposite end of the money spectrum, drove down to Tobacco Row on Shockoe Bottom, where there are glorious loft apartments that have exposed brick walls, huge original wooden beams from when the building was a tobacco warehouse, with a heated pool, hot tub, coffee bar that is free for residents, fabulous floor to ceiling double pane windows, workout room with flat screen tv's, and on and on, right on the James River. A large one bedroom loft? $860 a month plus ten bucks per month per pet. So we're looking into that one now. So much for saving money. Of course it is far from a done deal, but we put our sixty day notice in to our landlord anyway. We did take photos of this place but no posting until we know anything for sure.

After that entire debacle, I was strangely depressed the rest of the day and useless, got nothing done. Yesterday I worked on laundry and cleaning up the apartment and also our visiting dog was sick all night so we are dragging from caring for her through the night and into today. Thankfully she is ok this evening but whew... so tired today. We're both dragging.

All that said, and I have no jewelry to show for my weekend. Blah and double blah. It was one of those well intentioned weekends. I did get a long standing commissioned pin completed, so that was a major accomplishment, but my pendants I've made and materials I've gathered are still perched in a box on my jeweler's bench, waiting for work to be over tomorrow so I can chip away at their creation. This, at least, makes me happy to think about.

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karengberger said...

Home is important. It doesn't have to be grand, but it has to have the right vibe. You will know it when you walk in, I'll bet. I pray that you will find it in your price range, and soon. Glad that you spotted the problems with the first one, so as to avoid that nuisance!