Saturday, June 13, 2009

new etsy

New etsy listings tonight. Delicate French script double sided etching with beautiful faceted blue violet mystic topaz rondelle wire wrapped with sterling. These stones are so lovely, they glint in the light and toss off little rainbows.

One of my favorite etchings-- the Kanji script. It is so unusual and no two turn out alike. This one has a larger window to accommodate the glistening faceted pink amethyst triangle wire wrapped with sterling again. Double sided etching on copper.

Both available on

I've so been looking forward to this weekend. It's been a long week at work and lots to do at home with little respite. I slept until 9 am this morning and it was soooo wonderful. Mango got Michael up at 6:30 for a early morning feeding (he's so spoiled) and of course Michael obliged. When he came back to bed, he gently shook me and said, "jen, it's 6:30, do you want to hit some yard sales?" To which I answered by turning over in bed and putting the pillow over my head. That answered that and we both slept late.

Otherwise the day has been full and good. Leisurely steamy hot shower, brunch of leftover Chinese takeout, errands here and there, grocery shopping and then a mocha from Starbucks. Not a bad day at all. It's 11:30 and Michael has just popped corn and transported the bowls and icy cold diet cokes into the bedroom to settle in with a movie (Nights in Rodanthe, which I'm not at all sure about because I usually don't care for romances, other than Richard Gere). The critters have already settled in around him, I see from my perch at my desk. Lucy is missing more popcorn than she is catching and then searching around for the missed kernels. Mango is licking a big piece because he loves butter. What spoiled little animals we have but what would life be without them? They make us laugh every day.

It feels great, the absence of frustration from internet deprivation. Hopefully I can get more down to business with Etsy and magazine submissions. I'm getting into sewing, too, and that has been a big source of pleasure for me lately. Can we say art quilt magazine submissions? I see them on the horizon...

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