Thursday, June 11, 2009

finally, a little home computing

It is very late and it's been a very long day and I have to get up again in about five hours to go back to work again but finally, finally, we have DSL at home. I am sitting at my desk typing away, feeling little pain because my laptop has a real live internet signal instead of a big egg for the first time in ages. How wonderful to have it back.

I'm happy to show another cutout that will be on etsy soon as I have time to put it on there, probably this weekend. This one is french script, about two inches long, with a very beautiful faceted smoky quartz barrel.

Sleepy time now.


sharon said...

Hooray Jen!! Welcome back!! You'll rest good now.

Love what your doing with these, the contrast of the metal and the gems...gorgeous!!

Christine Damm said...

Isn't it amazing how dependent we are on these devices? Such a contrast to the handwork we all do!

karengberger said...

YIPPEE! You're back! The new pieces are lovely. God bless you.