Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dream a little dream

Venturing off into uncharted territory, I have taken up free motion quilting, or more accurately, free motion mixed media sewing. It's something fun that I'm enjoying, no pressures, just the joy of putting fabrics and thread and this and that together into something meaningful and not as deliberate as the jewelry work. This little scrap of hand dyed fabric is the product of a little experimenting tonight, a little dreaming. I used a little chalk pencil to write the words, then sewed over it. Needless to say, the needle had a mind of its own here and there and it's a little outside the lines, but there are no rules, and nothing is ruined, other than my first attempt where I put an extra "e" in the first "dream". dreaeme. oh well. I like those kind of mistakes-- it's just fabric, just thread, and there's plenty more of that, plus it's all learning, so it's all good. This is going on a little pencil case that is quilted with scraps of fabric and has a lovely button closure. More on that later, after the work week is over.

In other news, our computer has a tenuous grasp on reality since there is a cable gone bad in the laptop. This morning it suddenly went dark and it wasn't fixed by turning up the light button. So my husband took it into the Mac store and they said they could fix the cable for $280 and who know how much down time since they had to send it off to be fixed. It's always something, it seems... So the laptop came home with my husband until the money could be had or else he was going to take it to the more local Mac repair shop and get another estimate tomorrow. Tonight, however, we discovered that if one slowly opens the lid, and keeps it open, we can bypass the busted cable somehow and keep the connection going. If we shut the laptop, the cable takes the signal out again and it has to be jiggled and jostled to start again. For now we are keeping the lid open and shutting it off at night, but that temporary solution may only last as long as it takes for our big kitty Mango to discover this nice new sleeping surface. Or until one of us forgets and automatically shuts the lid. *sigh*. A money angel is needed at this time. Maybe one will turn up soon so we can fix our laptop.


sharon said...

Love your your new piece...all nice and soooooft!!
You definitely need better luck with the computers.....wishing you that!!

stregata said...

There is always something... sorry to hear about your computer!
But your mixed media sewing piece is lovely and I look forward to seeing more of this!!