Saturday, June 6, 2009


Files deleted, files moved, files lost, finally I have enough memory on the laptop to upload a few of these to Etsy. These three are now available on my site Above, etched cutout copper with double sided Italian script, Peruvian blue opal drop with sterling wrap.

Lovely etched Asian Crane with stunning faceted citrine drop. These are really, really beautiful stones, AAA quality. They toss out rainbows like crazy in the light.

My favorite one, etched Asian Crane with cutout, faceted blue labradorite that I got from AD Adornments at their show in Vienna, Virginia last year. Some of the prettiest labradorite I have ever seen, more blue than gray by far.

My coffee is long depleted, muffin down the hatch and my poor husband and dog have been waiting in the car for me all this time while I've been formatting and writing and uploaded whilst perched in Whole Foods wonderful wireless cafe area. It's the best free wireless signal in town.

Great for wireless, not great on the pocketbook, so our next stop is Walmart for groceries. Until the economy went south, I rarely set foot in a Walmart and sneered at much of everything about them. Too good for me! ha! No more. Now we rarely buy our groceries anywhere else and I am thankful for the cheap prices, marvel at how many bags we can haul out of there for 1/3 or more less than anywhere else. Sorry for whatever else is still going on there, but when money dries up, the thinking process changes radically and fast.

More of these pendants will be popping up on etsy soon as our DSL box arrives, scheduled for June 10 delivery from FedEx. Let's hope they're right and I can get back into business.


karengberger said...

They are beautiful! What vision you have...fantastic. It's so exciting to see your new work.
I hope you get your DSL up and running soon.
God bless you!

peacockfairy said...

I bought one yesterday at B & B - the one that had 3 different stones on it!

Marbella Designs said...

beautiful work!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you so much! i'm glad you got the pendant with the three stones- it's the only one i made like it. =) thanks!!