Thursday, June 25, 2009

the blues beads

Resurrected from a box of forgotten beads, I believe these were the beads I used as the example beads in one of the 2008 issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry tutorial on mokume gane. They are now offered up for sale on my etsy site

Do you ever get a bug about something? Something that you just have to do? Well, currently I am completely engrossed in a stack of fantastic books, some knitting that is driving me nuts to finish two cardigan sweater panels, and especially I am transfixed with sewing on some little quilting projects. With all the usual stuff otherwise, my jewelry bench is collecting a little dust! I definitely like to mix it up a little. In immersing myself in other art mediums, little ideas for jewelry projects spring up and fester until I can't stand it any longer and must take up the saw and hammer again. Sometimes it seems a terrible torture to feel I must always be busy doing something with my hands, else I feel lazy or demoralized. It sure keeps boredom at bay. I must say, other than some days at work (ok, most days at work...) I am never bored. No matter how bad things get with the economy or finances or whatever else, there is always a bit of artwork to pick up and work on and it serves me well as therapy. Always after a good session of creating, I come away tired but happy.

Tonight, watching tv about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, mostly because we only can receive about four channels now and one of them is weather. My husband is now home from band practice and corn is popping in the pan. Mmmm. Right now, it doesn't get any better than that.

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Christine Damm said...

Really nice mokume-- I call that the "pokey" mokume technique and it's one of my favorites! Love your color combination!