Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zipper Pull

Recently I received a request for something unusual for me-- a sweater zipper pull. The woman who is the recipient does not wear necklaces but loved this pendant, so we improvised and this is what we came up with. It is one of my favorite quotes and one everyone can identify with... The beads are aquamarine and smokey quartz, the pebble comes from Riverstone Bead Company, care of Lake Michigan. The chain I recycled from a necklace I bought a few years ago and dismantled and was perfect regenerated into this piece.

A close up...

I downloaded some photos from my trip to visit my parents on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Here is my parent's dog Maggie (on the left) and my dear Lucy snuggling together. They are particularly fond of each other and are good companions.

My parents had a surprise in their little garden this year-- a tiny pumpkin! They planted some seeds last year and nothing yielded but this year, this darling little thing. Isn't it cute? I think they should carve it with a tiny knife and put it in their front window.

Here are my dear folks on the beach at Assateague Island, soaking up the last of the relatively warm weather. This is the day we spotted several peregrine falcons on the same beach, resting on their migratory journey from Greenland to South America.

More recently, this past Sunday my husband and I decided we needed an emotional lift (I probably needed it more than he did) so we drove up to Ashland, VA, a small and charming community north of Richmond off of Rt. 95. On the main street of the town, in front of the library, there is a wonderful kugle ball. I spent more time than was probably normal spinning the ball in the water and then stopping it with some effort and reversing the earth's rotation. Just like Superman...
No, we didn't go back in time.

Lucy went with us, of course, and we all enjoyed ice cream cones from the old fashioned soda fountain next to the library, and then headed into the country to view lovely red and orange trees, horse farms and a pretty stream along the way.

Every day, we've decided we need to do something, however small, to keep our spirits up and refreshed, in the face of this hardship. Spending time together carries me through. And hey, look at that blue, blue sky....


karengberger said...

That BEACH! Oh my goodness! It looks as if you could walk for days on it! Are there any shells, beach glass or antiquities (shipwreck stuff) there? Wow. What freedom, to be in such a place.
I loved the big stone globe that you were standing next to. I wouldn't want to stop touching it.
I agree with you, again, about spending time with those you love. It's the thing that matters the most to me. You and your husband look great!

Swestie said...

I LOVE that zipper pull! How cool! How've you been this week?