Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beads on Ebay

In an effort to assist our trip finances, and to eliminate some beads I have had sitting around for far too long, I am de-stashing some artisan beads courtesy of Ebay. This Anne Choi sterling silver Mandrake With Eye bead was purchased last year for $75 plus shipping. It will be listed on Ebay tonight for a seven day auction under the user name doggiecentral, so check them out and bid, bid, bid! Get some good beads that are no longer made, some one of a kind, for far less than retail. I will be putting a "buy it now" listing for this bead, so go and take a look. Some of these beads I hate to part with but honestly, in my drawer for two or three years? Time for them to ship to another loving owner...

Otherwise, I am heading to my parents house on Tuesday for the visit that was previously delayed. I'll be back on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing my folks, my mom's good cooking, and some beautiful scenery on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Have a good week, everyone!

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