Wednesday, October 22, 2008

History in the Making

My husband and I went to the Obama Rally in Richmond today. We waited in line for almost two and a half hours, around two city blocks, and then once inside, waited another hour to see and hear the man himself. Later I saw on the news that 7000 (!) additional people didn't make it inside since the coliseum was filled to capacity (12,000) and then some. I'm thankful we made it in because baby, it was C O L D outside! Michael snapped these photos. It was difficult to get good pictures because of the crowds and we weren't exactly up front either. But it was really wonderful to see history in the making and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Otherwise, I had a great trip to visit my parents. Two days we spent driving the beach, where we saw two juvenile and one adult peregrine falcons resting on their migratory journey, plus one hawk on the beach. I've never seen such birds on the sand before so it was thrilling to say the least.

Since returning home, I haven't made any jewelry, although I have one order to fill that came in just tonight. Mostly I have been taking care of the important business of keeping a roof over our heads, helping my husband with our piano business, trying to generate more business and filling out applications for jobs for myself. It's really tough right now for us and we're fighting it, these hard times. Sometimes it's difficult not to get upset but we're keeping straight and level.

More than ever before, I am reminded how much there is to be grateful for. So many simple things, like food in the freezer and pantry, flats of dog and cat food piled in the bin, fuel up to the top in both cars, library books that are new and free, plus DVD's from same place, walks around the neighborhood, cheap and good coffee at WaWa =). We both have good health and those we love are healthy. And our dear little animals keep us laughing and loving every day.

We have for a long time been learning to do with less. We don't care about the newest electronics, or what is the hottest video game out there, or digital television, or what is new and better than anything we may have. We never go shopping. Even when I go to Costco, I get the essentials and get out. I can't believe all the stuff out there to buy, buy, buy. Who really needs all this junk?? There are more important issues. And I know we are strong and resilient and willing to work hard to make it through this economic catastrophe. Staying strong, staying together. These are the important things. In the end, it's good, and it's enough.


karengberger said...

You are so right; what matters most is right here at home. Of course, our fellow man (and animals) matter, too, but first and foremost, the simple joys of home are the deepest and most lasting, for me. I am a big fan of the public library and taking walks, too!
Glad to hear that you had a good trip.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you, Karen. most people never realize the good that's in front of them in their whole lives...

Swestie said...

Barack came to my branch of the YMCA to workout that morning. It was his second time, and I got to help him both times... if he comes there again, I'm going to have to get him an honorary membership card. (=

Joan Tucker said...

Jennifer, I sent this out to my friends re current fiscal situation...
I think what happened is greed and the Reagan years. Trickle down economics led us here. Money diverted to the rich away from the poor; taxes paid disproportionately by the poor not the rich.People thinking everyone had to have gourmet coffee, granite countertops and pedicures. Living on credit and losing any memories of the days long ago like in my family where we only lived on cash. Cold cash in the refrigerator. I think we lost sight of the common good and shared resources and compassion. We hunkered down as isolated individuals not communities. We were bilked by the investment bankers, mortgage sales people, brokers, hedge fund managers and all those MBA’s who thought God made them the winners.No we need to settle down, cook rice, talk to our neighbors, find a housemate, raise tomatoes, make jam, bring out the puzzles, games and cards; go for walks, breathe and maybe reclaim a life style which positions us in a more reality- based security. I for one plan to clean up my financial act; try not to panic, care for others, remember gratitude, and hope we collectively come to our senses.
Wall Street is not my street; here we are ordinary folks living ordinary lives.. at times scared out of our wits.. but like the many who came before us.. Dust Bowl, Depression, Immigrants.. we will persevere… maybe even thrive. My countertops will stay Formica, my car will be used, my gifts will be handmade and my focus will be on community, family, and finding small precious things of my own making.
Stay well and keep your joy alive!!! Joan Tucker, Off Center Productions

HappyDayArt! said...

Jennifer, I am thinking about you and what you have said here and I understand that it is enough. It's nice to have what you really do need.

I haven't really made any new jewelry for about 2 months and kind of feel like it would be a waste of supplies for now. I'm just going to use what I have. Thanks for your nice comment to me.

I like your enthusiasm in this post.

xo Catherine

Gaea said...

It's amazing when we stop and think about the gifts the difficult times can carry, even beauty. I've been forced to slow down, take count of what is important, what can wait, and what makes us really happy. Great pics of the rally! How awesome is that!