Friday, June 6, 2008

too hot to move

It is too hot to do much other than stay indoors, move little and chug water. (ok, diet coke...). In spite of that, two loads of laundry trekked down to our complex laundry room, nine sacks of groceries came home from Kroger, packages got mailed at the post office, Lucy and I walked around the block twice, and Michael and I got dressed up and went out to some art gallery openings this evening, plus an ice tea tasting at a coffee shop.

There are tons of yard sales tomorrow and in spite of my fanatacism over good used stuff, I'm not sure we can brave such high temperatures even in air conditioned cars.

This necklace reveals two of my great loves in the material world-- old buttons and old keys. oh, how I love them. When I worked a state job last year, a friend brought in three of these tiny keys, each one hardly bigger than the tip of my pinky finger, and gave them to me. Isn't it adorable? I sold one on a necklace already, kept one for myself and this one will be going on etsy soon as I get the lead out and post it. The opposite side of the stamped copper charm says, keys to my heart.

What with the heat, Michael and I have agreed that tomorrow will be spent indoors as much as possible, working on his art, my jewelry and beads. oh joy! Should be a good one.


Lorelei said...

I love keys too, Jennifer!
This necklace is adorable.
It is unbearable hot...I am going to try to set up a temporary beading area somewhere other than the 2nd floor oven ! Happy Beading today!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thanks! are you enjoying your visit with the chickens? (i'm very envious!) today is to be HOTTER than yesterday, if that is even possible. stay cool!!