Friday, June 13, 2008

Bead Star Competition

I'm jumping-up-and-down excited that the only design I submitted to a contest called Bead Star has been chosen as one of twenty finalists in the Pearls category. The necklace was inspired by an evening watching cormorants on the James River and the lovely iridescence of their feathers. The triple strand of pearls on the bottom are all faceted, the silver pendant I hand stamped and added a small funny bird with steel stamp letters turned this way and that. The iridescent feather is by Zoa Art from Asheville.

If you so desire, you can vote for me in the Pearls Category. My necklace is number one listed on that page. Go to:

to vote!! The contest is presented by Interweave Press and Beading Daily. One need not be a member of Beading Daily to vote, however it is a wonderful site to learn about all sorts of jewelry and beading topics, so do join!

Thank you kindly and have fun voting!!

Yesterday was slated to be one of those days that we nearly all know about-- hurried, rushed, late, dreaded. When we can combine trips between Michael's piano tuning/repair field appointments and a grocery or store errand in the same vicinity, I will accompany him to save gas expenses and car wear and tear. Yesterday he had to deliver the remaining panels of a refinishing job to a waiting customer in Spotsylvania, VA, about a 50 mile drive one way from our place in Richmond. I went with him to help with carrying panels and general management of the job. An hour late, hot and grumpy, we both set off with all parts loaded and accounted for, having left a wistful Lucy home in the air conditioning.

We had mapquest directions and they were well needed, as this place that we figured was just another subdivision giant of a home was instead off of about six roads from 95 near Fredericksburg. Turn here, turn here, turn here, turn here, etc.. Finally, after stopping for an iced tea and diet coke, we came to a long drive way, and to my delight, found ourselves passing animal stalls and chicken coops. The property where the piano sat waiting was a six acre farm. The owners are a married couple with no children that we saw evidence of, but animal lovers like ourselves. Having all three in common, we hit it off with them immediately. While we worked on the piano, we were kept company by the three dogs of the house, two sibling two year old hounds, and a 12 year old australian cattle dog, all rescues, all well loved and loving animals.

Outside, there were two full size horses and a spunky little miniature pony named, well, Spunky. His name fit him perfectly. Free range chickens ran around scraping and pecking for insects, three goats baaaaaah'd from their large pen, and small lizards darted here and there across the porch. I spent most of the day delighted with watching the horses play and roll around on their backs, and rubbing dog bellies, their eyes closed in bliss. Such sweet critters. The husband extends his farm skills to his trade, travelling from farm to farm to shoe horses for a living. Now how cool is that? By the time we left the property at 9 p.m. last night, we came away with what was intended, a paycheck, but also a sense of fulfillment that emanated from this loving couple and their well loved farm and animals. What a delight to see a couple so in harmony with themselves, their lives, and their pets.

After spending a good part of the day laughing over the chicken's antics, I came home desperately desiring one for myself. We could put her in the bathroom, couldn't we, says I? Michael said, no, she'd probably end up in bed with us and the rest of the animals! Sounds ok to me. =)


Willa said...

Congratulations! I LOVE the piece. I voted. I hope you win the grand prize, wouldn't that be great?!?

LLYYNN said...

Voted for you - love the piece! There were a lot of categories and some gorgeous stuff entered, fun to look at all of it too! Good luck! LLYYNN

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you kindly, ladies! santa fe is one of my favorite spots on earth, and one i would have a hard time coming back home again!! i'm in good company for the competition, though. lovely things on there!

Heather Powers said...

great job Jennifer! I loved this necklace when you first showed it. It's beautiful. :)

Jean said...

congratulations jennifer--lovely piece of work!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

many thanks, Jean! I'm honored you have visited my site!