Thursday, June 19, 2008

pass the kleenex & the cough syrup, please

My husband, in all his generosity, has decided to give me his hum-dinger of a summer cold. I thought after a week of caring for his aching ailments that I would be in the clear. But, no. Now the king size bed is my plush friend and never did clean sheets and a plump pillow feel so good.

That said, I've managed not to start, let alone finish, any new jewelry or bead projects. Sorry, Lorelei. I promise the jpg's are coming soon as my head stops spinning! The only good thing about being sick but not desperately sick is I get alot of reading done. I have read Bead One Pray Too cover to cover, as well as Beads of Faith and Bent, Bound & Stitched. Also I have worked about a hundred rows of a knitted lace scarf, organized my bead containers and put together a small silver wire order to send off. Oh, I also finally delved into Frances Mayes' In Tuscany, the luscious descriptions and beautiful photographs of which sent me to the computer to research airfare and lodging for a fall tour. Alas, wishful thinking. $3000 for a one stopover flight in the off season from a hub like BWI to Rome? Give me a break, people. Last time I went to Europe it was around $600 per person and it wasn't that long ago. Oh well. I'll have to eat spaghetti and meatballs with my eyes closed and pretend big time. One can always dream.

Now it is back to relaxing, although not the type of relaxing I figured I would be doing right now. My real relaxation trip is postponed until next week. Back to the kleenex...

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Lorelei said...

Don't you worry your little head about me. I can wait. You just get better! :)