Tuesday, June 3, 2008

letting go

Isn't this so true? It's ever so hard to implement, though. There are so many hindrances to getting things done as we would like them to be done, but how much of it really means a hill of beans in the scheme of things? Sure you want your house to be clean and your grass to be cut but how about giving in to that book you want to read, that day trip you want to take, that knitting languishing in the bag, or that piece of jewelry you bought the supplies for two years ago? How about just once doing what we really want to do? Instead of what we expect ourselves to do? It's hard, isn't it.

The quote on this necklace is a particular favorite of mine. Of course what he's talking about is not the hum drum of vacuuming and picking up dirty underwear. This quote strikes me so, I wanted to create a necklace around it that was organic and pure, undiluted, earth and sky and water and fire. The drop dangle is Peruvian blue opal (yes it is really green!), with a river rock from the midwest. jobs tears and faceted chunk rubies comprise the necklace. for anyone interested in a closer look, it is for sale on my etsy shop.

Still I am working on the necklace from yesterday's post. Instead of rushing home to begin work, today I decided to take some time with Lucy and walk the beach along the James River, see what could be found washed up. What took my eye and went into my pocket? A lovely and very weathered piece of blue beach glass, ten small rocks, three agates, a large rock for my dad's pond, and a small bit of driftwood in a funky shape. Lucy doesn't run through the water as she used to, but it's the longest walk she has had in four months now and afterwards she got back in the car with a smile on her face. I'll take that!


Lorelei said...

Hi J!
Great post. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE this necklace! Gorgeous. You should submit it to a magazine!

karengberger said...

This necklace and the one you are reconstructing are lovely. I love zen quotes, and the way you presented this one is very cool indeed.
So glad that your walk was not just a good walk, but fruitful in materials!

Heather Powers said...

jennifer, I love the necklace! That pendant is so perfect. something I need to remind myself often!!!!

p.s. saw someone's necklace on bead star today, congrats!!!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thanks so much, heather! I have to remind myself, too...
bead star, oh yes. thank you kindly again. now the anxiety begins! =)