Thursday, August 21, 2008

sticks & stones

I've re-worked this necklace from weeks ago. It just didn't seem to have enough jingle-jangle going on so I added a piece of hammered hand stamped copper with brass eyelets and a Peruvian blue opal drop. Adding the text "sticks and stones" seemed fitting since that is exactly what it is, brass stick, copper stick, turquoise stick, pearl stick and then stones of opal and crystals. I just got this order of opals and wow, are they ever gorgeous. I will be using them quite often, I think. Check out the re-worked finished piece on my etsy shop.

This is the finished necklace. It makes a very nice charm jingle sound when worn and the colors are really lovely with the black shirt I am wearing right now. I'm experimenting with some more plain hammered sticks to put on etsy, with and without eyelets. Also look for some etched brass pieces that are etched on both sides coming up.

I'm finally getting some relief from this incessant pain of the last two weeks so it feels good to be making some things and getting back into blogging. Many thanks to those lovely folks who sent their good wishes! My parents little dog has been visiting us the last two weeks. She's a little bugger but of the good sort. Curious, happy, rambunctious (a little too much sometimes, to the consternation of Mango), and a good companion. She has a good spirit, always up for some fun, as this next photo captures all too well. Obviously we need to format our new memory card to 2008, not 2025. :D

May we all be this exuberant in life!!


Gaea said...

You meant dogs won't be driving in 2025? Darn! Glad you are getting back into the swing! Beautiful necklace!

somethingsublime said...

Geez...I love your sticks and stones piece. The perfect sentiment for me!

karengberger said...

I visited your etsy site tonight. Your work is beautiful. My parents were having dinner with us, and I showed them the rosary and the letter explaining its symbolism. They loved it, and admired your handmade beads, especially (and the ones on etsy).
I hope you continue to heal, and are able to enjoy your work.
Thank you for the quote from C.S. Lewis. It's been years since I've read that series, and the quote is beautiful and thought-provoking. You are so kind. God bless you.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

It wouldn't surprise me if dogs were driving in 2025. They're smarter than alot of people I know! And thank you, ladies for your compliments. It's slowly coming back to me what I love to do.
Karen, all my warmest regards. My healing is just window dressing compared to yours.