Monday, August 25, 2008

new earrings

This is one example of what I am doing with the sticks. This pair is available on my etsy site. This has been a day of running errands after a late start. A long drive to Yorktown to Lucy's vet to get three cases of prescription dog food. Lucy has had a long odyssey with leg problems and was ordered to lose weight, not an easy task for a twelve year old couch potato. But, we started her on Hill's Prescription RD and she has lost a whopping 17.2 pounds since March! So she is within her targeted ideal weight of 45 pounds by two measly pounds. Good girl! She has so much more energy and is so much more alert, it's like we have our old girl back again. Happy!

Then, there is Mango. :( After an illness that put him at death's door last year, he had to go on steroids and gained a whopping 9 pounds, putting him at 19 pounds. Poor cat. The weight loss formula Hill's makes him sick, and he's not inclined to play much due to the couch potato factor, so we're still figuring out what to do with him. He's an ornery little bugger, too. Good thing we love him.

Who could resist this bundle of orange love anyway? In his favorite spot of the moment, my grandmother's chair.

I'm off to my next dr. appointment. Oh, joy.

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