Wednesday, August 6, 2008

finally, some new work

The title is fitting! Finally, some new work. Since I finished my portion of the collaborative necklace the other night, I've been itching to make a necklace incorporating some of my new ideas with jingly jangly dangles. So I've been stealing moments out of the day and night to wrap, solder and create this piece, which is now for sale on my etsy site.

Increasingly I am developing more and more aversion to using much of any other metalwork components than what I have hand made or created. This makes the pieces more labor intensive, but I like the look of them knowing there's not much there that was machine made, other than faceted beads and the drilled holes in them. I have made some chain, but not on this piece.

another view...

My workbench is a disaster after working on this project, when in the midst of construction, Mango the two ton kitty decided to take a flying leap from the back of the futon onto my tool, supply, bead and wire-strewn work table. Woe is me! I have a big mess to clean up from it (this is the third time he's done it) but it will have to wait until late tonight after I am finished with work. Our place is so small, it is impossible to kitty-proof the area. And he's a stubborn boy, so it's a bad combination. Fat as he is, he gets on the workbench because he loves to squeeze his fat self into the underside of the table, where there is a space with little equipment. What a zoo we have going here!

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LLYYNN said...

When the hurricane-tail dog almost capsizes the ship of beads, I take one plastic tray and put everything on it, then cover it with another big plastic tray. Even the most enthusiastic wagging has failed to upset this arrangement. I got the trays from deli arrangements at the grocery - recyled safety measures to boot.