Sunday, July 13, 2008

what do i charge?

Working steadily on the usual multitude of tasks, interrupted by a foray into house hunting, whereupon my husband found a three bedroom house east of Richmond off of beautiful route 5 for a good deal, so we spent all of yesterday over there and hours the evening before chatting with the owner, taking pictures and talking it over. Anyway, my necklace production got stalled a bit.

Back on track at last, I found a moment to take a pic of one of the types of necklaces I will be offering up for sale in Pittsburgh next weekend. It is a new style of design for me, very light weight and summery. When I started them, I knew I wanted sparkle and movement. Now that I'm cranking them out with the polymer beads made last week, what to charge for them? All stones are semi-precious, most of them very good quality. My question for any reader is this: what to charge for this necklace? It is about 20" plus bead and fringe. Each one is six or eight stranded knotted C-lon beaded cord dotted with beads, sterling silver cones and clasp. All told, each piece from polymer bead to finished product took about 3 or a little more hours to complete. Anyone with price suggestions please leave a comment or email me.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I'm off to vacuum out the dog hairs and crud from the car.


Gaea said...

It is delish! So fluttery and summery! I have a hard time with the whole pricing game. I am sure there is some magic formula out there.... time x supplies + blood, sweat and tears = ?!@?$@??# : )

This post seemed to be on the right track...

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you gaea! i can especially prescribe to the #$!@&*! formula. =)