Monday, July 28, 2008

back in the groove, almost

Home since Friday evening, I'm working to get my groove back. Cleaning up, laundry, grocery shopping, errands, post office, picking up pets from their caregivers, working at my husband's shop, organizing, cooking. whew! Isn't it something how you go away and clean like crazy to have a nice tidy place to come home to and five minutes after you return, the place looks like a cyclone hit it. Oh, well, it wouldn't be home without chaos! It sure is great having our little furry critters home with us. I missed the little buggers!

Oh, I had another job interview in between trips! Cross my fingers... This is a job I think I would really enjoy.

Putting beads on Etsy tonight. These two (front and back of the moon and sun bead) are listed and I have a BIG BAG more to put on soon as they are formatted and my eyes are uncrossed. The pictures don't even really do them proper justice because the sun was only peeking around the clouds when I took the shots. When the sun is full out, the 22 gold foil fairly shimmers up through the layers on the beads. Beautiful!
I'm working on another series using real silver foil. I have my colors conditioned and ready to set overnight so I can get started on them tomorrow. Soon as I start to make beads, focus sets in and everything else fades away.

It really is therapeutic.

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maryharding said...

Jennifer, these new beads are gorgeous. What incredible colors and depth. Wow!!