Thursday, July 10, 2008

not nearly enough time in the day

Where does all the time go? My list is checking off but it's 9:30 and just sitting down with dinner. I still have 25 sterling hook and eye clasps to make tonight to still be on time.
I have two pending interviews for Art Bead Scene Blog. For a little preview, I have sent a list of questions to lampwork bead artist Lina Khan. Check her out at
Her work reminds me a bit of Stephanie Sersich with a splash of the Canary Islands where she lives tossed in the mix. Most enchanting beads...
Lina's interview should be on art bead scene sometime next week, I hope.
The best part of the day came when I got an email from Christen Olivarez, requesting the final review of my Fall Belle Armoire Jewelry techniques article. It is to be called A Tribute to Art and it's seven pages. Very exciting! They do such a beautiful job.
And now it is back to work. Dinner is down the hatch.

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