Saturday, July 5, 2008

hot dog, i've got new beads

I hope everyone is hangover-free today. I got lots of beads made yesterday but only a few polished this evening. These are called Sunburst mokume bead series.

Can't have too much mustard. Note our umbrella pole, from which there is no umbrella after the wind caught it, flipped it over our fence and broke it in five or six pieces. We figured we would just buy a new one this year but Costco, where we bought it last year, decided not to carry them this year so we're out of luck for this summer since now we waited too long and winter coats and heaters are already sprouting up in the stores.

A hebrew national hotdog tastes best on a toasted bun on my late mother in law's Fiesta ware plates.

Lucy woofs for a little taste...

We tried to coax Mango outside for a bit but he wasn't inclined to leave his usual belly up position. No modesty there.


Lorelei said...

New beads are sweet, Jen!

karengberger said...

I love the photos of the beads, food and sky. All delightful!
Thank you again for my rosary; I love it. It has its place in my favorite spot in the house, where I can look at it and hold it whenever I want to. The polymer bead has the most wonderful texture to touch.
I've given you the Arte y Pico award. It's on my blog. Blessings! Oh, and if it's budget travel to Italy, I have some suggestions.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you lorelei! karen, i'm overwhelmed. i'm so honored by the Arte y Pico and especially that the beads have such an honored spot in your home. and i will definitely be in touch with you regarding travel suggestions. =)