Saturday, July 31, 2010

true to thee

What are we true to these days? I have heard nutty things lately. A friend recently told me his dream came true-- something he never thought he would accomplish. I couldn't imagine what it was! Then he told me-- he installed a dedicated movie room in his home, complete with 110 inch projector television and state of the art sound system. He is thrilled. I was completely dismayed. Is this what we've come to for dreams come true?

I am true to these things: home, family, pets, friends, art. Long walks and cool evenings. Good books and great coffee. Viewing a gorgeous piece of artwork. Hearing from a friend or calling or writing a friend after a long absence in communication. The joy of accomplishing a long worked piece of needlework or a well wrapped piece of wirework, where all the elements come together just well enough to incite a smile. These are my small and large joys in life, and so many other things- all simple, all true to me. What are you true to these days?

Fabulous glazed earthenware beads (to die for!) by Gaia. Glazed earthenware building pendant by the ever-talented Mary at Jubilee. Stamped pendant is my own. Lampwork bead, unfortunately, is of the set I cannot identify the maker. Saki silver toggle.
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umelecky said...

Nice blog. Love your jewelry!

Gaea said...

Thank you Jennifer! I love what you did! I think in the case of dreams coming true, it's a matter of men are from Mars!

Christine Damm said...

So glad to see you back with the metal and jewelry work-- you are a genius! I love that forged spinner disk-y thing. Great piece! As for dreams come true, I have the most wonderful husband I could ever have imagined, get to work at home in my studio every day and am finally old enough to appreciate both to the fullest. Life is good!