Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sometimes i fly like a bird

I finished another necklace yesterday and it is now listed on my shop http://jenniferstumpf.etsy.com (SOLD 7/27/10). Again, it is highlighting unusual and wonderful beads and charms that I have stowed away for years. This incredibly lovely lampwork disc bead was purchased at the Whole Bead show in New York City in March 2008. To my intense dismay, I remember the woman's face who created the bead and I remember purchasing a small king's ransom in beads from her, each one even more beautiful than the last. But I have no record of her name, a receipt, credit card slip, business card or anything so I cannot give her proper and due credit for her wonderful work. *sigh* I'll pay more attention if we get there again later this year.

The entire necklace is 22". The beads are large turquoise czech seed beads, freshwater pearl and then a terrific Thai silver curved tribal tube bead, which I have also sequestered away for a while. :) I am a certified pack rat, I guess, but it's lovely to put all these beautiful components together on one piece.

Hand stamped sterling with patina by me. It's from a song, don't you know it... sometimes i cry, sometimes i fly like a bird. Well, I do sometimes cry but I like the fly like a bird part better these days, so the rest got left on the cutting room floor.

A close up of this wondrous bead. I am lucky to have about eight more of these, but this is the only one of this size and lovely dusky rose hue.

It's off to the grocery with my old and trusty dog Lucy and then? A shared ice cream cone! I don't mind dog slobber too much. :)

Happy creating, everyone! I am working with copper and bronze for the rest of today.


Lorelei said...

Just gorgeous! I love it! who made the glass disc? it's lovely!

karen gerstenberger said...

That is really beautiful; no wonder it sold so fast!

Cindy said...

So beautiful...just love all of the elements. I understand that frustration, not knowing who made a special bead that's been stashed away. At least you have more discs for now!

Sarah said...

hi Jennifer

I was the lucky recipient of a Postcrossing postcard from you today

I thought I'd have a quick look at your blog but it has turned into a long look.

I LOVE your jewellery!!!

especially this necklace.

and I loved the hand carved stamp you used on my postcard too

it's very nice to 'meet' you :)

Sarah, England