Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Boy Mango

Yes, I am blogging about my cat. Here he is in his favorite spot (other than tucked under my arm) on my side of the bed waiting for the sun to come back out. He is a sweet and sour boy, my Mango. You never know what you're going to get but when he's sweet, he is very, very sweet.
The Mango Kitty Condo.
Since I have no jewelry to show, owing to life in general and getting ready to host relatives from Germany in particular, I can at least show my latest most fabulous find. Every Saturday morning until the first weekend in October there is an antiques market on Monument Avenue in a parking lot. It is within easy walking distance from our apartment and my new favorite haunt. Here is a swatch of 12 and a half yards of vintage 1960's lightweight home dec fabric I scored for twenty bucks. My husband was kind enough to haul it home for me, still on the huge rolled bolt. But I carried our old dog Lucy, who wilted in the heat and pooped out early. Hmmm.. who got the better deal? Anyway, isn't this fabric the greatest? There are more colorful combinations, this is just a piece. I foresee zippered bags, wrapped bags, shoulder bags-- bags, bags, bags! :)
One last shot of my fat little pink-bellied boy. All 23 pounds of him. :)


Mary Newton Designs said...

LOVE that fabric!

lunedreams said...

that's a big boy! i love tabbies. his face has lots of character.

Karen said...

23 lbs! That's a fat cat living a phat life! Lucky Mango!

Glenna said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm loving my (probably brief) stay in Richmond. And I've been wondering, from a purely economic standpoint, what has happened to Richmond. Is it in decline? Or is it on its way back up? Gentrifying or decaying? I'm fascinated by the buildings most of all. There's a lovely old brick building that I can see from my favorite breakfast cafe in the Bank of America Building, and I'm wondering if it's apartments--I'll take a picture next week and post it. Do you know the Silk Trading Company? I enjoyed a visit to it the other day. Pricey, but nice stuff. Speaking of which, I love the fabric you got.