Thursday, February 18, 2010

hope and dream

A quickie post since I just got home from work, haven't eaten and men's ice skating is beginning or in progress. Just finished this bag earlier today but didn't have time to post it. A departure from my wrap around closures, this one I used a large black snap, invisibly reinforced on the opposite side, combined with free motion stitching on the wording, luscious leopard spotted carpetbag fabric on the body of the purse.

I LOVE this waffle weave muslin lining! It feels so good and is nice and sturdy-- hand dyed for vintage appeal.

Reverse side stitching with beautiful variegated threads and batiks. This bag is a bit larger than the other ones-- about 5 x 8". I have a spot reserved for showcase on Etsy coming up next week, so I am not sure if I want to list this now or wait to list multiple items at once on the showcase.

Skating is on! bye bye.


stregata said...

Love the colours on this one!

Theresa said...

Your purse is absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Wasn't the Men's ice skating amazing?! I can't wait to see the ice dance and women's event!!!
Going to bed now~~

Karen said...

lovely--and two of my favorite words--hope and dream.

Cindy said...

Jennifer, I really love your new fabric is really beautiful.

Beth Anderson said...

Thanks Jennifer - probably Lori Eurto was where you found me.
Welcome, and I look forward to yours as well. I love your range of talent!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

thank you! actually, beth, it was three cool pugs and me (i think that is the name!) that was the referring blog. :)

SewAmy said...

very cute.

Sarah said...

ooooh, autumn colours, my favourite, this is gorgeous