Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a visit to the parents

Two days ago my husband and I loaded up the dogs and went to visit my parents. While there, Michael did work for some churches (tuning pianos) and a neighbor. My mom and I went to the beach, loaded up the dogs and bought the most beautiful mums from a very friendly Mexican fellow, got groceries, washed loads of laundry (our laundry facilities are terrible where we live- scary place...) and in general we all got caught up after not having seen each other in several weeks. First thing my parents showed us from their beach walks in New England? A big tray full of sea glass collected along the shores of northern Maine. Beautiful! My mom picked a handful out for me to bring home and drill so she can make some lovely things with them. Last night we were treated to a full screen show of the New England pictures, with whale watching and the works.

Dad, Michael and I took Lucy for a long walk past the horse pastures and down almost to the bay. Along the way, Dad, a retired wildlife biologist with a keen eye, found umpteen neat insects on the road that I almost squashed for not having the good eye. Above, Dad and I stop for a photo op along the trail home.

Big hairy spider Dad found on the walk. It was HUGE and sluggish. Dad said it was cold. Good thing- I didn't want it jumping on me.

Mom finally had her bon appetit moment in the kitchen last night with Julia Child's boeuf bourguignonne.

Yes it was most delicious! Yum!!!

Now we are home again and I have a boatload of jewelry orders to complete and mail out, plus so many new ideas swimming in my head I sat down for quite a while tonight and wrote them all out, plus a to-do list so long I had to quit out of practicality.

Don't anyone faint but next time I will have new jewelry components on etsy and here!


Karen and Joe said...

The beef bourguignonne looks yummy and the spider looks scary. Your friendship with your parents is so lovely and so fun to read about. You are a blessed family.

Can't wait to see your new designs.

SummersStudio said...

That spider reminds me of the ones we had in Australia called huntsman. They could be as big as the palm of your hand and had a habit of coming down their spinnerets out of the trees and into my hair. Shiver....

Looking forward to seeing the new components.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like visiting family. The whale watching stories sound fun, not sure about the arachnid photo though!

I'm intrigued about the sea glass. Every piece has a story I'm sure, sounds fascinating. Should keep an eye on the beach for coinage as well!

-Luke Sidewalker

Anonymous said...

Cool photos...the spider, scary, I'm terrified of them

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Sometimes the best vacations are just hanging out with the ones you love. Aw, you're making me miss my parents. :(